Navigating Your Career Choices in the Staffing & Recruiting Sector

It’s no secret that Japan has had one of the largest skills gap globally for a while and the trend does not seem to be slowing down.  There are many factors causing this but the most obvious one is the gradual declining birthrate that has been a long-standing factor as well as specialized skills in many industries as tech, life sciences, and engineering.  In addition, language skills also continue to factor into this statistic.  

One of the industries that the skills shortage affects in Japan, is in the staffing & recruiting sector.  While this may come as a surprise to some people, it makes a lot of sense in many ways.  

Companies Struggling with a Candidate-Driven Market

For over 10 years, Japan has been in a very candidate-driven market and since the market is strong and technology is being improved across almost all industries, the demand for talent is growing.  This means that companies are relying more and more on staffing and recruiting agencies to deliver a suite of solutions to help them deliver the talent they need to grow.  While many companies have invested more in their internal talent acquisition teams, they still need to rely on experienced and capable recruiters, researchers, sourcing specialists, and consultants to help pool talent.  This also means there is more demand for experienced recruiters in Japan.


The Market is Creating More Strategic Relationships Between Clients and Agencies

There has always been a love/hate relationship between companies and agencies. Companies are always looking at their bottom line and trying to reduce recruiting costs.  However, at the same time, they realize how competitive the market is, and relying 100% on internal hiring is unrealistic.  So the relationship between companies and agencies is less about cost and more about the quality of the services and solutions they can offer.  So many companies are becoming more selective with the agencies they work with and relying more on them to deliver the talent they need.    


The Recruiter of 2022 and Beyond

Even before COVID, the recruiting industry has been changing and the traditional recruiter has been transformed.  While there are still many full 360-degree, permanent recruiters, the role of a recruiter today is very different from 20 years ago let alone just a couple of years ago.  Recruiters today and beyond need to be hyper-specialized in particular skill sets within the recruitment sector.  I first heard this term “hyper-specialized” from Jason De Luca, Owner of Smart Partners, when I interviewed him for one of our Coffee for Closers episodes.  He could not have been more correct with his prediction.  The market requires the new recruiter to really understand the market and focus on what they know best and be able to deliver that to the client. 

Recruiters today and beyond need to be hyper-specialized in particular skill sets within the industry

Pivoting Your Career Within the Recruiting Sector

During COVID, many recruiters had to pivot to different roles in order to survive and others weren’t as lucky and had to pivot out of the industry altogether.  Then there were others that were able to stay in their roles but still feel they are looking for something more or wanting to change but have not found the right fit.  Many recruiters that I have spoken to are in this category where they feel they are spinning their wheels or feel it is OK for now but are worried about their career development and longevity in this market.  There are many opportunities available for experienced recruiters that can offer alternatives to their current career path and monetary benefits.


Offering Career Support to Experienced Recruiters

At Motionworks, we want to help experienced recruiters develop themselves in the right role and environment.  We have strong relationships with a number of great agencies that offer a wide variety of career options at all levels from perm recruiters to RPO Consultants to Outsourcing/Contracting Specialists to in-house recruiters.  If you are seeking advice on your career we are happy to offer options and solutions that can take your career to a new level.


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