Coffee for Closers (Podcast): Episode 1 (How to Keep Employees Engaged While Working Remotely

How to Keep Employees Engaged While Working Remotely

We are in very uncertain times but that does not mean we have to disregard some common issues that are always common with employee satisfaction regardless if you are working next to each other or remotely.  I think that employee engagement is probably higher now between colleagues since there are more questions that need to be answered since they are working remotely.  However, there are also many issues and hidden stresses it causes so employers (managers) should be on top of them before they become bigger issues.

Below are some common reminders for helping staying employees productive and engaged during working from home.

1.      Understand everyone’s situation

2.      Interact and Engage with your colleagues and employees often

3.      Track progress and possible issues, offer support

So there are pros and cons to the recent (forced) trend to work from home but following these or similar basic guidelines, the current situation can lead to a more productive and happy workforce.

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