About Us

MOTIONWORKS CAREERS is an interactive platform for working professionals to develop their careers and learn about what types of companies and opportunities are available here in Japan.

We use media to help company owners, hiring managers and recruiters brand themselves and show their culture to connect with the right people in the market. 

We are not just a platform to find jobs but more importantly, develop your existing career.  Many people are very happy in their current role and company so we want to be able to support people’s careers, not just look for a new one and that’s what Motionworks Careers is really about.

So check out our site and register with us to stay informed on career advice and learn about what’s going on in the market here in Japan.


Motionworks K.K is the parent company of the Motionworks Careers and Motionworks Learning sites. We are a media and content consulting company dedicated to creating content for education, business and employer branding and strive to provide content that is engaging and interactive and lives up to the expectations of our users.

We create video content, blogs, podcasts, training videos as well as talent attraction services all aimed at helping people connect in the social media world.

Motionworks K.K.
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Media & Consulting Company
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